Blogging is Complicated

Blogging I have found is very complicated. First you have to sellect a Theme for your blog. Then you have to think of¬†something¬†interesting to write about. then as if that wasn’t hard enough you must figure out which tags go with you post, and the list goes on and on. Then to top it all off you must keep updating your blog or people will stop coming to read what you have to say. Not that what you have to say is all that interesting to begain with. But for some reason allot of people are blogging and seem to enjoy it.


Bad TV

So I’m sitting at my computer listening to “The Time Travelers Wife” mostly because there is nothing good on TV. Currently a stupid Japanese game show is on. It only supports my theory that the Japanese are secretly taking over the US by use of brain killing propaganda. So if in a hundred years we are all speaking Japanese don’t blame me. I’ve been against shows that kills brain cells from the beginning.

Homework sucks

I have just finished up the labs for my c-sharp class that are due today. The problem is that all of the labs that we have been assigned have all had easy solutions. But of course the instructor doesn’t always like the easy solution and doesn’t explain what he wants very well. But since it’s my only class this term I really can’t complain.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I will try and keep it updated with interesting facts about what I am up to. Sounds fun doesn’t it?